Episode Title



April 1, 2011

Paradise is the eleventh episode of Fractale. It aired on April 1, 2011.


Barrot reveals the truth about Phyrne and Nessa to Clain. However, disgusted at the idea of belonging to Barrot, Phyrne stabs him. When Moeran attempts to restart fractale, Dias blows up himself and Moeran in a suicidal explosion. When Clain tells Phyrne how he feels about her, she reveals that originally, she was a sixteen-year-old girl who retained the personality of a ten-year-old due to mental trauma. Her "data" was collected to create the fractale system. Phyrne and Nessa combine as one, and fractale is restarted.

A year later, people are learning to live without fractale. Clain is living at home taking care of Phyrne. When she wakes up she tells him that she has always loved him too.