Meegan (ミーガン) is a doppel and sculptor who acts as Clain's guide in the city of Xanadu.

Appearance Edit

Meegan is a tall and curvaceous woman with long brown hair, blue eyes, and very large breasts. She wears a low-cut pink nightgown and later a low-cut purple dress. Additionally, she wears red lipstick, a red-pendant necklace, and two long teardrop earrings.

Personality Edit

Meegan is very friendly and flirtatious towards Clain, often speaking and gesturing sensually with him. However, she quickly becomes angry and ruthless after Clain tries to escape.

Synopsis Edit

Clain wakes up besides a mysterious woman who welcomes him to the city of Xanadu and misleadingly implies that the two had sex together. She introduces herself as a doppel named Meegan and says that she unfortunately can't touch Clain. Meegan shows Clain around the city and describes its capabilities, revealing that she's an air sculptor. She leads Clain to her friend Colin's place, where she secretly intends to give Clain and Nessa to the temple. After Clain attempts to escape, Meegan attacks him a with a virus, which inadvertently prompts Nessa to destroy Xanadu.

Trivia Edit

  • She is the Doppel of Gale.

Quotes Edit

  • (To Clain) "Good morning. Did you dream of something nice?"
  • (To Clain) "Oh, you don't remember? And we had such a passionate night together..."
  • (To Clain) "Sadly, I can't lay a finger on you, loincloth boy."
  • (To Clain) "Or would you rather touch these?"
  • (To Clain) "I have my hands on data drugs and some other stuff. We can have lots of fun."

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